Photowalks / Coaching

Photography is a powerful medium through which you can experience mindfulness whilst developing creative skills.

My background as a creative director has given me over 15 years of experience in creative coaching and development, and I can help you or your group to develop skills and build creative confidence through photography.

I can organise photowalks in London or Brighton that work around your specific needs:

  • Corporate photowalks- Get your team’s creative mojo back through a series of fun, creative photographic tasks that can be tailored to fit your desired outcomes

  • Group photowalks- spend a day developing your photography and compositional techniques through a series of exercises on a fun street photography walk

  • One to one coaching - develop your compositional skills, discover street photography and learn to approach and engage with strangers for street portraits

  • Mindfulness- spend a relaxing day by the sea in Brighton slowing down, de-stressing and discovering the joy of photography as a therapeutic antidote to the demands of daily life

If you’d like to discuss a personal / group coaching session or photowalk, get in touch:


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